Nana Dried Flower Plaque
Marlee and Me

Nana Dried Flower Plaque

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Embrace simplicity with our dried flower plaque. Each piece is a whisper of nature's beauty, bringing a touch of serenity to your surroundings.

🌸 Nature's Touch: Delicate dried flowers create a timeless, effortless centerpiece.

💖 Easy Elegance: Simple and charming, this plaque adds a touch of nature's grace to any space.

🎁 Effortless Gift: Our dried flower plaques are a thoughtful, easy-to-give gift that lasts.

Transform your space with the simplicity of our dried flower plaques – where nature's beauty meets ease.

🌱Because not all dried flower arrangements are cut from the same bouquet. Our creations at Marlee & Me redefine the artistry of botanical design, where every petal is a testament to uniqueness. 

Measuring: 23cm x 19cm